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Tiara Turner is a Civil and Public Servant who follows the direction of God's Voice. From a very young age, Tiara always felt the need to help people. It was not until Tiara was matriculating at Miles College, when she discovered her true passion to help people. One of her college professor, Mr. Peter Williams always told Tiara that she was created to help people discover their beauty from with in to help fill the voids in their lives. Tiara took that message to heart, as she begun her career as a social worker. Ms. Turner has a background as a mental health social worker for nine years, and two years as a family engagement specialist. She is now employed with the Salvation Army, doing the most good. Tiara is a serial entrepreneur and she wears many hats. You may see Tiara working and serving in the community, as giving back is her heart. She is big on family. She believes in the the following three principles when it comes to organizing her life, 
God, Family, Career". She adopted this model of life when she was a Mary Kay Independent Sale Consultant.

You may know Tiara from being, Miss Alabama Plus America 2014, Runway Model, local Tax Genie Tax Professional, Travel Agent, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, Intercessor, Youth Leader, or the #1 Track and Cheer Mom. She is always active and trying to make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

Tiara founded NuBeauty Witin Ministries in 2013, when she was in one of her lives biggest battles with ovarian cancer. Tiara knew the calling on her life and she knew that God created her to do so much more than what she was doing. Tiara ran from her calling for year, and she finally gave God her YES!!! She continued to work and build the vision that God gave her. In 2019, Tiara relaunched NuBeauty Witin's Save Our Girls Mentoring Program in Decatur, Alabama with 14 girls. She and her team begun to change the lives of their mentees by meeting with them two weekends out of each month. God pressed upon Tiara's heart in January 2020 to write plan and move forward. That is when she stepped out on faith and started operating in the future ministries of NuBeauty Witin. 

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