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Who is this 6 Week Master Class For?


  • Women who are ready to say ‘goodbye’ to their old self and remove their mask to be challenged to show up as the best version of themselves.

  • Women who are looking to build an unstoppable mindset so they can discover their true power and purpose.

  • The woman who wants accountability so she can break the vicious cycle of starting and stopping.

  • Women who want to look in the mirror and be proud of the woman that is looking back at them.

  • Women who haven’t felt ready to invest in a high-end personal development program, but they still need support and mentorship.

  • Women who want to include God on their personal development journey.

  • Women who are ready to transform their mind, body, and soul, but they don’t want to do this journey alone.


What is included in the 6 Week Master Class?

Live Mindset Calls: Coach Tiara will host Mindset calls on every Thursday, so you can feel powerful, confident, and ready to go After the vision for the week. The mindset call may include one of

Coach Tiara’s dynamic coaches or even one of her friends that are experts in the field.

6 Week Workbook: You’ll receive an electronic workbook that can be used for note taking during each Mindset call. Believe me, you’ll want to take alllllllllll the notes. The workbook is filled with powerful quotes and affirmations to keep you feeling empowered.


NuBeauty Witin Private FB Community: In this group you will build real relationships with women who are or have bee in the 6 Week Master Classes. Gain accountability partners, sisters, and create lifelong bonds.


Bonus: Exclusive pricing for the Transforming the NuBeauty Witin 6 Month Personal Development Program and The NBWN Retreats.

Apply now! I'm ready and waiting on you! 

6 Week Master Class Pricing is ONLY $99 until February 28, 2022!!!